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Overview of Time Period 1

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 Time Period #1 Summary and Pretest Activities 

 On a North American continent controlled by American Indians, contact among the 
peoples of Europe, the Americas, and West Africa created a new world


Historical Context: Prior to 1492, much of the large and diverse population of Native Americans in North America had already learned--to a significant extent through the use of fire--to shape the natural environment in which they lived.  After 1492, however, virulent epidemic diseases, brought to the Americas by Europeans as part of what historians now call “the Columbian Exchange,” drastically reduced the Native American population and made them susceptible to conquest, control and even enslavement, first to Spanish, and then to French, Dutch and English invaders.  Population growth in both Europe and Africa was stimulated by the importation of new foods such as corn, potatoes and tomatoes from the Americas, while the European economy was transformed by the inflationary “Price Revolution” sparked by the influx of large amounts of gold and silver from the colonies. The Spanish and French sought to save the immortal souls of these people they regarded as heathens, and, like the Dutch, to profit from commercial transactions and the mining of precious metals on the lands that the native peoples inhabited.




 Format of the the Final Exam 



Re-Set  SAQ and LEQ from Time Period 1 Homework



Homework Assignment on Exploration  



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