Introductions and course expectations




 (College without the dorms and meal plan)


Class is simple, but not easy 
Web Support/ Text Service/Omit Opportunities 



Quotable Tyson
Discipline and Deadlines
Who are the stars? Who are  slackers? 




We are talking about practice,  SW SW SW

Every assignment, activity or assessment is designed with a specific purpose in mind


Guided Readings
Supplemental Readings

Audio Content  - Podcasts

Timed Quizzes
Timed Tests


No boring classes. Only boring students.






It's about the questions, not the answers 







1. Take the course for the right reasons.

2. It is about the journey, not the destination.

3. The pace is fast, but the course work is predictable and manageable.

4. The summer assignment is an excellent indicator of student performance.

5. I create opportunities for success – take them!!!








Who Owns History


Heroes from History